We pay the highest prices of any scrap yard!

Scrap Metal Recycler in Albany, New York

Capitol Scrap Metal Co. of Albany, New York, is a local scrap metal recycler that pays top dollar for all aluminum, copper, brass, lead, and many other metals and provides roll-off containers. Since 1938, we've worked with our customers to provide the most accurate weights and most fair prices for your scrap in New York.


Local Loyalty
Family owned and operated since 1938, we're proud to serve our local customers for all your scrap recycling needs.

Our scrap buying service pays the best prices for many ferrous and non-ferrous metals, providing you with extra money while doing away with waste in a clean, environmentally friendly way.

Large-scale scrap removal calls for large containers, and we provide roll-off containers for bigger jobs.

Building, Scrap Metal Recycler in Albany, NY

With a clean, easily accessible facility, you can feel safe bringing your vehicles into our yard. The entire facility is black topped reducing the risk of puncturing a tire or otherwise damaging
your car.

Friendly, efficient staff helps our customers get in and out quickly, on their way back to their families with more money in their pockets.

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Albany County State Certified Scales
Member of: Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. | Albany Chamber of Commerce